Architectural Metal

Silicon Valley Glass is well equipped to service mid to large-scale architectural metal projects. Orchestrating each phase of your architectural metal project installations with precision, we keep projects moving forward in a timely and organized fashion to help you keep all facets of construction on schedule.

Our architectural metal services include:

  • Architectural Metal Design-Build
  • Architectural metal preparation and material procurement
  • Union labor
  • Safety procedures

Silicon Valley Glass Architectural Metal Resources and Staff

We maintain state-of-the art architectural metal equipment to produce the various components of your architectural metal projects. Our union workers are highly trained and throughout the production and installation of your architectural metal project, they work masterfully to ensure fine workmanship.

Our project managers and executive staff bring extensive experience in the construction industry. We understand the importance of completing the architectural metal phase of your project in a timely manner.

We work to keeping your architectural metal projects on time and on budget

Working closely with your project management team, we create detailed plans to complete the architectural metal structures of your project. Coordinating production and installation and providing superior service, we set new standards for architectural metal quality and service.

Safety on the Job

Silicon Valley Glass places a premium on safety. Our employees are well versed in comprehensive safety practices to keep accidents at bay so we can focus on careful, quality architectural metal service.

Contact us to discuss your project. We also invite you to visit our ‘Projects’ page for examples of our architectural metal work.

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