Metal Awnings

An integral feature of your building’s fa├žade, Silicon Valley Glass brings even the most complex metal awning designs to life.

Our metal awning services include:

  • Metal awning project planning
  • Metal awning preparation
  • Metal awning materials and procurement
  • Metal awning installation
  • Union workers
  • Safety procedures

Seamless metal awning projects start with a sound approach.

Our process begins with a thorough analysis of your metal awning project plans, design, schedule, budgets and needs. If we are designing the metal awning, we determine the architectural and design requirements to ensure the metal awning serves both its functional and aesthetic purposes. With a comprehensive view of your metal awning needs firmly in mind, we then create a detailed production and installation plan.

Experience equals reliable, high quality service for your metal awning project

Our project managers and executive staff bring extensive experience to your metal awning project. We maintain the most modern equipment and highly trained union employees to service mid and large-scale metal awning projects. From our top management to every employee, we cultivate a customer-oriented mentality that keeps our clients’ best interests in the forefront of every phase of our service.

Silicon Valley Glass has experience installing metal awnings for hospitals, hotels, condominiums, schools, retail stores and commercial office buildings. We construct our metal awnings using the highest-grade materials and with masterful workmanship. Beautiful and functional, metal awnings are a specialty of Silicon Valley Glass.

Please visit our ‘Projects’ page for examples of our metal awning work. To discuss your metal awning project, contact us.